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Jennifer Gage, Marriage and Family TherapistJennifer Gage, MA, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at an independent practice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   I am a proud graduate of the University of Iowa (go HAWKS!) and received my MA from Mount Mercy University.  After practicing at a group practice over the last few years, I have decided to venture out into the world of private practice and have worked to open the Cedar Rapids Relationship Center, in the heart of downtown CR.

Over the years I have worked with a variety of clients who are facing a variety of different life stressors.  This has led me to a firm belief that relationships are at the core of everything we do.  We are social creatures, which means that we are constantly interacting with people around us.  These interactions have a huge impact on us emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally.  Whether I am working with an individual or a couple, we can gain insight into many of the symptoms that bring people to therapy when we look at the interactions they have on a daily basis.  Then, we can influence changes in those interactions and changes in those symptoms.

Due to my passion with working with relationships I have attended additional trainings in many areas related to attachment, communication, and intimacy.  This allows me to customize my approach for the specific client or clients I am working with.   I specialize in working with couples to improve communication and reestablish connections that may have distanced over time. I have also worked with many couples working to rebuild a relationship after infidelity.  I am a bit of a romantic and believe that if both partners are committed to the work, any relationship can be strengthened.

In addition to working with couples I have experience in working to help my clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and other stressors that are impacting their lives.  Sometimes we get stuck and I can be that person that helps you to find your way through it.

I personally have an active, rambunctious family that includes a 120 lb Mastiff (he is more lazy than rambunctious).  I enjoy craft time, baking, and hiking (when Iowa weather isn’t too hot or too cold).   I tend to use humor in my sessions with clients and like to talk football, the Walking Dead or any other Netflix shows.  I always have a bowl of chocolate in my office, and a box of crayons nearby.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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