Family Therapy

Family Therapy is as unique as each family we see.  It looks different every time.  This is because every family as its own set of dynamics and interactions that they bring into the therapy setting.  Therapy is considered “Family Therapy” if we are seeing more than one person of a family.  Maybe the parents are struggling talking to their teenager daughter.   Maybe a young adult is finding it difficult to break away from his parents.  Maybe a woman is having conflict in her relationship with her elderly mother.  Having a professional help to navigate these conversations and repair rifts in the relationships can not only increase connections between the parties but it can lower anxiety, depression, resentment, negative “acting out” behaviors, and result in higher grades, lower stress levels, and better job performances.

Therapy doesn’t have to start out as family therapy.  If you are unsure about whether or not this will be helpful, consider starting with individual sessions.  Your therapist can talk to you about how it could be beneficial and then you can make the decision when you are ready.